Opinions of the Visitors

Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Hasani Sahib
(Nephew of Sheikh Abdul Hassan Ali Nadawi) Ustad Hadeeth, Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow.
Today i.e. 8 Rabi’Asaani 1424 H, I got the privilege of visitiong Madrasa Sulamainia. This madrasa has been serving the ummah by imparting Islamic education for the last 23 years under the care and patronage of the greats of Kandhla, especially that of Maulana Iftekharul Hasan Sahib. By the grace of Allah, the construction of new buildings is going on in full swing. May Allah facilitate the things and transfer and infuse the qualities and achievements of the greats of Kandhla in the institution and make it an inexhaustible fountain of pray for the Madrasa because the whole ummah is indebted to the familay of Islamic scholars in mashiakh in Kandhla. Every body should pray for its success.

Abdullah Hasani
Maulana Mufti Mahmood Hasan Sahidb Bulandsheri, Mufti, Darul Uloom, Deoband.
Praise be to Allah and His peace and blessings on His last prophet. In the company of Maulana Iftekharul Hasan Sahib I attended the monthly programme of panipat yesterday. Today i.e. Friday, the 26 Shawwal 1422 H, I reached Madrasa Sulaimania Kandhla just before the azaan of the Friday prayer. The system of education and training here is excellent. I have visited the institution on an earlier occasion as well. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to say that the academic and bounds, provide it sincere workers, save it from all sorts of trials and tribulations, and fulfill its requirements from his treasures. Ameen.

Mahmood Hasan
Mulana Mufti Muhammad Tahir Sahib, Chief Mufti, Mazahir Uloom, Saharanpur.
I had the privilege of visiting the peaceful campus of Madrasa Sulaimania, Kandhla. The institution is moving ahead under the great leadership and patronage of maulana Iftekharul Hasan Sahib. Hesides being an academic institution, it is also an exceptional place for spiritual and moral training spreading its brilliance far and wide. About 125 students live in the hostel and the Madrasa has to take care of their provisions. The teachers here are competent and sincere. May Allah grant it spiritual and material prosperity and save it from all evils.

Mohammad Tahir
1 Shaban 1424 H.
Maulana Muhammad Ismail Baddat Sahib, Khalifah Hazrat Sheikh, Madinah Munawwarah
Alhamdulillah, I paid a short visit to Madrasa Sulaimania Kandhla today i.e. 25 Rabi’ Assani 1423 H. Due to shortage of time I could not have an elaborate view of the things. But whatever I saw delighted me In the company of Hazrat Sheikh Maulana Zakariyya Sahib I had paid several visits when the Madrasa was in its early stages. Now that it is emparting education up to Arabic Standard V, the progress is amazing. May Allah make it flourish sooner than later? It is earnestly appealed that the people should make generous contribution to the Madrasa and encourage others for the same while the caretakers should ensure that education (Ta’leem) preaching mission (Tabligh) and Meditation of Allah (tadhkeer should go together the way it was ensured by Akaabir (the great predecessors) in the past. May Allah fulfill the needs of the institution? With me today, I have some of the dear members of Hazrat Sheikh’s family including his son Maulana Muhammad Talha Sahib.

Ismail Baddat,
Madinah Munawwarah.
Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Patni (Grandson of Ustadhul Ulama Maulana Muhammad Tahir Sahib Patni) Ustadh, Secondary School, Makkah-al-Mukarramah.
Praise be to Allah and his peace and blessings on the His last Prophet. Allah made it possible for me to visit the Madrasa run by the great family that has been rendering great services in disseminating Islamic education which is reminiscent of the methods of the prophet of Islam (peace be on him). The dedication and commitment of the people involved deserves to be emulated. May Allah give the teachers as well students sincerity and piety so that they may render greater services to be emulated. May Allah give the teachers as well as the students sincerity and piety so that they may render greater services to Islam. Ameen.

Abdulghaffar Muhammad Ali
Sheikh Muhammad Aadil Hasan Ameen Yamaani Sahib, professor, University of Qatar.
Praise be to Allah and his peace and blessing on his last prophet. I got the privilege of visiting the great village of Kandhla, a village that has produced generations of Islamic scholars who have illuminated the dark hearts and brought them closer to Allah. The Madrasa is the fruit of their labour. It is expected that it will produce people who will be the able inheritors of the great tradition of the Kandhla family. From the core of my heart, I pray to Allah to accept their labour, facilitate things so that they reach their educational and missionary goal, and to save them from the maladies of heart and soul as well as from known and unknown trails and tribulations. Ameen.

Adil Hassan Ameen Al-Yamaani,
7 Rajab 1424H.
Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ismail Moosa Sahib Principal of Jamia Mahmodiya Johannesburg S.A.
By the grace of Allah, I had been opportunity of take a brief survey of this institution, which is really a momentous memory of our pious producers. It is my application to Allah that he allow it to know from strength to strength with its soon courtani apiritu ality may Allah in power it with its material requirement, and fet is be a strong hold of institute.

Ismail Moosa, South Africa
Janab C.M. Ibraheem Sahib Benglore
(Former Union Minister for Civil Aviation Govt. of India)
I am very lucky man today to visit this madarsa. I have no words to explain about the arrangements. Authority is in very trusted hand and behind its progress a very discipline and cultured staff members are working. They are founder of Deen and Islam from hundred years. They are working very well and now the institute will deep that tradition. I will not only serve but my entire family will be at the service of this institute continually.

C.M. Ibrahim Sahib
Janab Abdul Rahim Sahib, United States University
First, the school (Madarsa) building is beautiful. The path space makes a good and beautiful environment to inspire learning. The school (Madarsa) is for word thinking and progressive that have a library that will exporal in the future and also have three computers and more in the future Inshaallah. This will allow student to prepare for the future technological world, the almistatus are seen in reacting this school (Madarsa) and I am amazed that the student learn while memorizing Quran. As an Arbian, I did not learn that this was possible. I wish Allah’s blessing on this school and its students in future.

Abdul Rahim
United States University
Janab Anwar Sultan Sahib,(Winner of Asiad and Olympiad Shooter of India)
After having a look I found it one of the best madarsa. It is really very soon but I feel a lot of more work to be done to improve it more. I will try my best to do the best possible for madarsa.

Anwer Sultan

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