Educational Departments

  • Department of Nazirah Qur'an-e-kareem
  • Department of Tahfeezul Qur'an
  • Department of Tajweed-o-Qira'at
  • Department of Persian Language
  • Department of Arabic
  • Department of Urdu
  • Department of Theology(Deeniyat)
  • Department of Primary Education
  • Department of Computer
  • Department of English Language & Literature
  • Department of Speech (Oration)
  • Department of Dawat-o-Tableegh
  • Department of Islamic Monastic
  • Darul Ifta
  • Publication
  • Library
  • Department of Teaching Training of Qur'an

  • Administrative Offices

  • Administrative office
  • Education office
  • Audit office
  • Hostel
  • Mess
  • Construction Department
  • Guest House
  • Electricity & Water
  • Cleanliness & Gardening

  • Infrastructure, Establishment and Facilities at Madrasa

    ! Masjid-e-Ismail !
    This magnificent building is the mosque of Madrasa which is being built in the memory of "Hazrat Maulana Ismail Sb Kandhlavi" (Founder of the movement of "Dawat-o-Tableegh") father of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Sahib Kandhlavi (R.A.). It is three storied building in which about three thousand people can offer daily prayer at a time. It was extremely needed because there was no mosque in the vicinity of Madrasa. Several religious and reformative assemblies are occasionally held in the mosque like Maulana Iftikharul Hasan's assembly of "Monthly Zikr." A large number of guests and secludes (motakifeens) stay here in the month of Ramzan. Its estimated expenses has been assessed to 15 million Indian rupees. About 10 millions has already been spent in the construction of the mosque but five million rupees is still needed to finish the work. The more you spend in the cause of Allah, the more you get in Hereafter.

    ! Iliyas Manzil !
    This is a four storied building (only for classes) which is being built in the memory of "Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Iliyas Sahib (R.A.)" The two storied building has been completed by the grace of Almighty Allah, while the remaining work is on progress.

    ! Eidgah !
    The beautiful Eidgah of Kandhla is situated within the campus of Madrasa Islamia Suaimania. The building is a reminiscent of the ancient architectural beauty. A great majority of people of Kandhla and its adjoining areas perform Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha prayers here.

    ! Hostel !
    This is the old hostel of Madarsa. Students from various parts of the country stay in this hostel and continue their educational activities. But alas! this old hostel is insufficient for the present number of students. There is an immediate need of one more floor upon it. Well wishers of Madarsa are requested to take part in this righteous deed.

    ! Mess !
    This is the old building and is being used as mess, generator and store room. This building doesn't fulfill the requirements of the increased number of students. The Madrasa is in dire need of a bigger building to serve the purpose of mess and dining hall.

    ! Water tank !
    This is a newly constructed water tank of Madrasa. It contains 75,000 liters. Before this tank was built Madrasa faced acute shortage of water. But this need has been fulfilled by the grace of Allah and aid from a well-wisher.

    ! Staff Family Quarter !
    Staff family quarter is one of the greatest need of the Madrasa. Due to the lack of such quarters, teachers confront many problems. Therefore, there is an urgent need of staff quarter, so that they could concentrate on study in earnestness. May Allah fulfill this need at the earliest!

    ! Huda International School, Kandhla !
    There is a large population of Muslims in this town, and around it are almost one lakh people. But unfortunately, there is not a single Muslim School in this locality. Muslim children are compelled to receive education in others' Schools like Christians, Hindus, and Jain's Schools.

    ! Guest House !
    This is a one-room guest house. It is sometime used as a classroom also. In presence of many guests at a time it becomes insufficient. There is an urgent need of a separate building for the guest house. May Allah fulfill this need also!


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